Hadrian is more familiar to me than Gallus. Draco nodded. The mans arms tightened in response to the information about Umbridge and the fiasco in the Department of Mysteries. Did you ever think how lonely I was, shut away in my cupboard by a family that hated me, no one to hear me cry? Hadrian was reminded of Severus. And Hermiones when she realized the library was locked!. Then he had taken the marrow out, leaving a space for the magic core. We still have a fighting chance. Albus was not pleased. It was a work in progress, but plans hadn't worked out well for Harry in the past regardless. //You wanted a demonstration, I believe? Instead he takes Harry from the cottage and raises him away from Dumbl Everything gets a lot more interesting when Harry Potter Shows up. What of your particular skills?, //I know you are looking for a demonstration, Lord Malfoy, but Im afraid I cant do that. Ill be fine. Harry turned to Lucius and smirked. We may know more about him than you do, explained George. On the large rock, where most people only saw the occasional puffin, stood a small, circular stone hut. Everything seems to be in order. Hadrian laughed as his aunt and uncle gave him one last hug. Harry said nothing in response to the veiled challenge. Any pain? he poked the muscle around the new runes. That way I stay mysterious. Albus, she was He had a strong look of horror and disgust on his face. The color always seems to align with eye color, but I havent figured out why yet.//. Arwr, next time make sure Im there to watch. Madame Vance was his demonstration last night. Yeah. Now comes the seal. Just as you did for Harry, you mean? the Headmaster scoffed. My faithful, this is the Bone Man. //Yes. Quiet Bella, do not insult him. The number four was cast in brass and nailed to the door. I regret that I had to treat him the way I did. The Dark Lord was shaken out of his thoughts by the clock on the mantle tolling twelve and the silent arrival of the Bone Man himself. The figure did not move, but the stone next to him began to boil. Something in his features looked familiar to Lucius, but all his thought scattered as he looked into the Bone Mans eyes. Horizontal lines on his neck told the story of someone whose throat had been cut open, deeply, more than once. He could be casual when his little minions werent watching, after all. Rabastan Lestrange looked appraising at the red-headed twins in the sitting room. My Inner Cicle. Harry ha Harry was tired, tired of being a pawn, tired of being a Gryffindor, tired of being manipulated. Everyone turned to look at the man in black, standing in the shadows. Pott- Bone Man, why are you telling us this? However, I will say that I am very powerful, possibly as powerful as you and certainly stronger than Albus Dumbledore, and have veryunique skills that I would be happy to offer to your cause. It was bad enough that his tool had vanished and everyones plans were beginning to fall through, but some of these people actually cared about the boy. My son and heir. To everyones shock, he too hugged Hadrian. Who in the Light would trust a boy more powerful than the great Albus Dumbledore? It was simply there. Ing on the right, meaning hero, what the Light always wanted me to be. I need to prepare to meet the Dark Lord shortly. Shoulder blades are good, or I can wrap it around any large bone., I like the constellation idea, Draco answered. You made quite the impression on Lucius. The thought-voice chuckled with dark amusement. He had no idea that Lord Black was still a schoolboy. He needed to get a look at that wand! They changed their target. Or the fact that you tried to kill him one time or twenty. . Voldemort watched in amazement as Hadrian conjured a knife and cut open the still-screaming womans chest, baring the beating heart to the air. //Like them?// Hadrian flopped onto the bed next to the blond. Before him was a little, round hut with no door. I see. With his dragon and followers of course. No surface was left bare. //Of course! ". \Harry sure did the job right, didnt he?\. Ill turn what I pull out into pure energy and give it back to you, though. There was a distinctive scar on his forehead that was a faded silvery color. The younger blond visibly relaxed, a tiny smile reaching his lips. The color matched his grey skin. Shock was a very unbecoming look on his face. Everything about the note was strange. He looked no older than Luciuss own son, Draco. //I have gathered the people I want to know my true identity. Sometimes they share thoughts like you and I would speak to each other, but right now its all just feelings and images. If you allow, my Lord,// he added hastily. He had left the head, where it would join the knee joint, on as a grip, but had smooth down the lateral malleolus to get the wand to taper at the tip. Perhaps? Albus frowned. The Ministry just found what you left of Emmeline Vance at the entrance to Knockturn Alley, and everyones scared witless.. This is why legilimency requires eye contact and can delve so much deeper than mere surface thoughts. Though everyone had seen Madame Vance that morning. Harry Potter is a famous arrested Death Eater who is facing trial before the eyes of his family and the whole wizarding world. Tell us, Harry! they finished together. What if the protection Lily and James had sacrificed their lives for had unforeseen results? Arwr? he croaked out. Lucius turned to his son with a proud light in his eyes. I recently made a post with all the Harry and Daphne fanfics that I know. //Thank you. Its just feeding for them, even if it is a little magical. He sits back and observes everything and everyone around him with his daily dose of tea and a nice book. Keeping some of his presence in Voldemorts mind, Harry turned to the woman he had been brought. I will not take well to doubters,// he let a cold wind sweep through all of their mindscapes, //and you may consider this your warning and a demonstration.//. Good. When Harry wakes up, he is gravely wounded and more than fifty years in the past in another world. I have yet to meet someone as strong as I am. The rejection she felt was excruciating. Clearly Bellatrix had recovered her attitude. His left eye, on the unmarred side of his face, was the same black as Bellas, but there was a ring of red the same color as his own in the center. "They can't tell me who to be'Cause I'm not what they seeYeah, the world is still sleepingWhile I keep on dreamin' for me. Blinding light flashed, sealing the new family by ancient magic. Congratulations, you just found Harry Potter. The Fall of the Old Regime. Hadrian nodded. Unlike most of your followers, I will not turn away from you to save myself. It is not one of the soul pieces you are thinking of, either. Whenwhen Sirius died, he named me his heir. If you can love me only in my dreams, let me sleep forever. Now, he said, turning back to Draco, we should decide on a design for your personal mark first. The spell cant be activated when theyre black.// As the Bone Man spoke, Rabastan frowned a little as he concentrated. They often trained together, Voldemort teaching Hadrian all the Dark magic he knew and Hadrian helping him learn wandless magic and double casting. Ten years without friends, living in a cupboard. Things don't go to plan thanks to the meddling headmaster. //You seek the Bone Man, Severus Snape?//. Hadrian nuzzled into his chest. The abrupt change was almost disturbing. Voldemort sighed. Sentio inedia! She boldly proclaimed. He and Voldemort had shared a laugh, imagining the reactions of the villagers on Hogsmeade in the morning. Good day, Headmaster. And with that, the boy was gone. gonewards, how did hedisappeared from the Platform. //Welcome, Lord Malfoy. You will have the most authority over him.. This was the Dursleys house, and Hadrian had come for revenge. Remus's life changes three years later, when a chance meeting proves to him that somehow James and Lily's son is still alive. He was his Queen and M what if.. OotP AU. Do not ask how I know about you and Harry Potter. If you enjoy the story, though, look out for the new version in the coming months, Knucklebones. That was until Kiara stepped into his life, like a breath of fresh air or a storm on a hot summers night. Not with Dumbledore there.. Draco? He closed his eyes, and his skin began to glow faintly green, like the Killing Curse. Who are your parents, if I may ask? Albus thought they must be very Dark, if the boy anticipated students attacking him left and right. How dare this mere boy mock him? There, he heard about Siriuss will. Gallus Hadrian Black, do you deny your blood?, I, Gallus Hadrian Black, called the Bone Man, deny the blood of James Charlus Potter and Lilian Evans Potter.. The Order of the Phoenix had gathered again, and everyone wanted consolation or news from him. Weve been over this. I shall serve my race and my Wizard-Lord with everything I possess until my dying day.. Everyone in the room carried the Bone-Sign, so there was no need to hide his identity. He wished he could apologize to Potter. //Well, I thought my sign was a bit distant, and I didnt like the idea of any followers I gathered all being identically marked. His trademark scar appeared again on his forehead, and the black in his eyes shrank to the center, uncovering Killing Curse green once more. The presence stealing across his mind told him who it was. To respond, place your letter to me in the box and ask it to return to me. Unbeknownst to them, he's from the future too, and grew to be a Dark Lord even greater than Voldemort. Story contains over the top sex and violence. When the man gasped and began to shake, Harry intensified the feeling until it was stronger than even a horde of Dementors. He handed the parchment to Albus. As Severus watched, the boy opened achingly familiar green eyes and traced a single scar on his forehead. He knows Im powerful but he doesnt know how powerful, and theres nothing to connect me to Harry Potter or the Bone Man. On The Halloween night two terrible mistakes were made. Why does it feel so different when youre in my mind? Book 2 - Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Eyes still closed, Hadrian told a deep shuddering breath and opened his mouth, but his voice caught in his throat. The Bone Man bowed his shrouded head in return. He pulled Hadrian to his chest. Tell us why youre going back to school. I could use any blood, but the Dementors has the strongest connection to the magic and it comes with a nifty little side effect.// At the Dark Lords raised eyebrow he explained, //the Dementors cant bother you anymore. Rabastan was thoughtful. All of them were dull, boring, tedious. No doubt hell be sorted into Slytherin and in need of a friend.//, //Only if he wishes to, Lord Malfoy. Sentio inedia - feel starvationDiscutio quisque osse - shatter every boneRemaneo conscia -stay conscious. Site: fanfiction.net | Category: Harry Potter | Rated: Fiction M | Chapters: 17 | Words: 157,425 | Reviews: 1,039 | Favs: 2,512 | Follows: 1,564 | Updated: 11/21/2014 | Published: 8/25/2014 | Status: Complete | id: 10645463 | Language: English | Genre: Adventure | Characters: | Download: EPUB or MOBI. Hadrian was briefly saddened by the thought of his last familiar, Hedwig. Even into the Dark Lords. Her young were attacked by birds in the forest one day, and this was the only one to survive. Poor Bella still doesnt believe in me. I hope you still remember me come Christmas!. He wanted her. Stuck with abusive relatives and struggling to hide her freak abilities, she spends her days locked in a cupboard, tracing the words on her left wrist. //This is how I look every moment of my life since I turned eleven. It was warm, comforting, safe, disturbing odd.. Hadrian wiped the last of the tears from his eyes and detached himself from Rabastan and Draco. Not in front of my Death Eaters. Im letting people see the scars when I go to Hogwarts. They can leave if you want, arwr. //I offer my loyalty. He chuckled at Draco, whose mouth was hanging open unattractively. Speaking of it birthdays and presents and for you, Rabastan began, but Hadrian shot out of bed before his dihiryn could finish. Im sorry I broke down on you guys.. His soul and magic will benefit us both greatly, my Lord.//. We both needed to grow and learn more. Dont kill any of the important ones for me, though., Its ok, Draco, I wont. Voldemort placed his hands on the bloody teens shoulders and surveyed the distruction. I mixed the core myself. Draco counted five scars there, five attempted killings. The piercing gaze, however, was all Hadrians. After being dumped by Lily and James Potter, watch Harry. The boy was no stranger to death or murder. I refuse to be Harry Potter any more. As the clock struck eleven, he wondered if Albus would spontaneously die of surprise to see the Dark Lord and his family. This contains adult subject matter including but not limited to abuse, violence and dark themes. Hadrian felt the disgust in his mind and immediately withdrew completely, startling the man. He was inside all of our minds. I hate other women wandering around my husband, and his heart loves me the most. Especially if you go after Bella.. When he felt Voldemorts approach with a prisoner, he began to prepare his magic. The second made him drop his teacup. When he's sorted into Hufflepuff, the world breaths a sigh of reliefbut little do they know that the worst Dark Lords always come from Hufflepuff. How wonderful; how strange. Running diagonally from shoulder to hip were letters, carved deeply with a blade and tinged grey. Im afraid owls cannot find me here.//, I will tell him. Harry snickered to himself when he saw how comically wide the Potion Masters eyes got. He was meant to protect them as they had protected him, and he cared for them. Introducing the Bone Man to the lower-ranking Death Eaters had gone remarkably well. Before you had only your hands and spine. We will talk more after breakfast. Eyes are the window to the soul. I love it! Bella squealed. He can turn souls into pure energy, and he gave me Vances. And he is going to find me.". The Dark Lord ran a fingertip over both wrists. Excitement rolled through his mind, and the Dark Lord wondered what his son had planned. (See the end of the chapter for more notes.). He had on a robe that covered his feet and hands, and he hid his face behind a hood and cowl. They will accept me easily and offer true loyalty to me.//. This is the first thing about her freakish abilities that she doesnt fully despise- she has a soulmate! It was true. No male slash please (with regards to the main characters involvement). Not even the Dark Lord, with all his knowledge and research, had heard of the Dementors taking a wizard as an apprentice. Will you really doubt my power while I am in your mind? Hadrian was fearless and crazier than him. My name is Gallus Hadrian Riddle-Black, recently Lord Black and Lord Potter. His hair was very short and scars covered his face and neck. //The Light has wronged you, but the Dark welcomes you with open arms and hearts. He hadnt been able to see them privately enough the last summer to talk about his training or the Dark side. Dark Harry, no ships. Harry is portrayed as being extremely powerful (absorbs magic), and not afraid of killing or torture or the darker side of things (mainly as it pertains to death eaters), but isnt so far gone he kills with abandon anyone apart from death eaters. Yes, I finished it last night. You are no weak Occlumens, and yet, here I am.//. The boy had last been seen on the train home from Hogwarts, but had disappeared by the time the train had reached Platform 9 . Not for the world, not for his family, but just to see if he can. Can we go see if the Order gets thrown out today? Draco asked as elves cleared the dishes away. He also finds himself infatuated. Harry Potter discovers the Player Handbook for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd Edition after experiencing accidental magic and realizes he may have magic. His skin was pale and he had dark hair cropped almost to the skin. Searching out the rose garden, he found an open space perfect for his needs. He also wishes to know more about your specific powers, the ones you seem to believe are unique.. You cant be Potter, hes thei-. Plus, his glowing runes were more impressive in the dark. What, Kingsley? Arthur Weasley asked. He 20 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry had married and had two wonderful kids - James Sirius and Albus Severus- with the love of his life, Ginny Weasley-Potter. They're still there though. Once a summer, it became our little ritual, didnt it? That all gets sealed up in the library so I can turn it over to my Lord. Hadrian watched as the Fred and George touched fingers again. How will a more magically versed and politically skilled Harry change the course of the story? Fred! Professor? Not mine, of course, Merlin knows Ive spilt enough here. You had no issues with judging him by his fathers actions, I remember. Severus narrowed his eyes. My right one?, Sure thing. He did still want to be Potters friend, but not if there were hidden agendas. What he found shocked him. Home / Keywords / dark powerful harry potter fanfiction. Everyone was beginning to become afraid of this Bone Man. . He spread his mind over all of use and spoke directly into our thoughts. Opposite him sat a figure shrouded in a black robe, hands tucked into sleeves. Even into yours, Severus? Dudley here is getting all of mine. And work hard at your studies. Hadrian rolled his eyes. Losing the boy put Albus in rather a bind, since the boy had been groomed since the age of eleven to serve the illustrious Headmaster. You told me that you would never step foot in there again., //Ah, dihiryn, I told you Harry Potter would never step foot in Hogwarts again. Nice choice, Hadrian muttered, kissing Rabastan on the jaw. Harry reached up and lowered his hood and cowl slowly. Diddys an angel! the bony woman argued. Draco, has the Headmaster ever asked to see your wand? Black asked the boy beside him. After a few minutes, his chant ended and Dracos pain faded, leaving stiffness and soreness in its wake. My hairs too short now for the Potter curse, and no one wants to ask questions of a deformed man. Harry Potter and the Connection Reversed by hermyd "Clear your mind!" wasn't actually the best advice. Ive never asked for Draco Malfoys because it was registered by the wandmaker when he bought it., Draco, anywhere in the official school documents or the Hogwarts charter, does it say that students must register their wands?, No, nowhere, Lord Black. **This is a work in progress. I want to see his face when he realizes a schoolboy is throwing his precious Order out in the street!. I havent even said anything to Dudley yet! Dont worry, you wont see it for long. The Malfoy boy sat on the scarred ones right in an instinctive maneuver. We deserved a chance to learn about each other, which you took from us both. Severuss voice was cold. left kudos on this work! "But Professor - " She said Harry Potter wakes up after a brutal beating. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title, 1. When the Dark Lord killed my parents, Dumbledore sent me to live with my last living blood relatives. Now, he had returned to his more political ideals, and even Bella was calm, sitting with their son and young Malfoy. On the right side, where his face was cut through with scars, there was an orb the same pale silver-blue as his were once. He would have to redouble his efforts to destroy all the Horcruxes. We could be naked in front of Dumbles-, -and he wouldnt be able to find a thing, finished the second. Remember what I told you last time.. Fred and George Weasley, the notorious pranksters, sat side-by-side on the couch opposite Rabastans chair. There was no white to his eyes, just the purest black. Digging around in his robe from the night before, he found the tiny bones he had taken from Madame Vance. Blood? Draco asked. The teen in question rolled over and buried his face into Dracos shoulder. One of them had even taken out an ear trumpet. 2 FanfictionBot 6 yr. ago Circular Reasoning by Swimdraconian Torn from a desolate future, Harry awakens in his teenage body with a hefty debt on his soul. Perhaps he could convince the boy to turn against his evil parents and support the Light instead. Potter? The question came from Draco. Wrong Leave the body, someone will take care of it by morning., //Wait, I just need a few things!// Voldemort watched as Potter summoned one of the thinner leg bones and two other tiny bones. If it all worked out, it would make a great birthday present for his arwr. Hello, Dudley, youre looking as fat as always. as well as The Dark Lord is very curious about how such a supposedly powerful Dark wizard escaped his notice. Voldemort made the oath quickly, eager to know who this powerful man was. Yep. Unlike any Legilimency he had ever felt, it did not search through his thoughts or memories, but merely asserted its presence in his mindscape. What are you talking about? Some of the prisoners liked me, especially since they didnt know I was Harry Potter. He also had perfect scores in NEWT-equivalent Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Advanced Magical Theory and Advanced Ritual Magic, both of which were not offered by Hogwarts. We cannot allow the boy to follow in his fathers footsteps. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me, it was wonderful.. Blood spells could not lie. My faithful, the name of our ally is not to be spoken outside of the Inner Circle. Ten years and five summers of being hated by my only family., Not anymore, Voldemort said, hugging his son. As she began to shake and cry, Harry turned the happiness he pulled from her into pure energy, storing it away in his core. Likely where Harry is on his "own side" not liking the light (Dumbles) or the dark (Voldy). Good, still green, he sighed. When Rabastan feeds magic into the runes,// he paused as Lestrange did so, //they show through the skin. Albus, theyve found Emmeline Vance. I do believe you can keep your wand to yourself.. ~Do I meet your satisfaction?~, ~Yes,~ he responded, nodding. I could help you train some, if you want.//. The subject of Albuss distress was a missing fifteen-year-old boy. I got these from accidentally inflating his sister Marge like a balloon before third year. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, People these days don't know what actually bad movies are like. You have so much more now. News gets back to the Dark Lord and when she hides, he hunts down the Potter's to take whats rightfully his. AU: You are born with your soulmate's name on your wrist. Please let the King know that I would like to speak with him tonight at midnight.// The Dementor agreed and left to seek out the King. Then, he watched calmly for a moment while her body caved in on itself, smothering her organs and causing catastrophic failure before she suffocated from a collapsed airway. ****** I added Madam Vances hammer bones just this morning.//. He tries to learn everything thing about this treacherous and marvelous world.He settles into Hogwarts with ease. It seems impossible.. He wasnt any other kid; he was the golden boy to a world he never knew existed, his mate was less of a mate and more of a budding killer hed struck a deal with, and they were not doing homework, they were plotting ways to exploit Harrys fame.". In a world where Harry Potter decided not to go to Hogwarts, he became the dark lord at the age of 14. THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THE ALPHA Draco paled at how easily Black talked about killing people. It had no core yet, but that didnt matter. You keep a great many secrets, Bone Man. Just a tiny bit of making-out wayy laterr, Harriet Potter y la Escalera que Pudo con Ella, Alternative Dai-nana-han | Team 7 (Naruto), Uchiha Sasuke & Uzumaki Naruto Friendship, Past Harry Potter/George Weasley - Freeform, Regulus Black/James Potter/Lily Evans Potter, Mr Death | Charlie | Sally Williams' Teddy Bear (Creepypasta), Slaps child this bad boy cant fit so many issues!, Harry is basically an even MORE murderous version of Kurapika, it's three parts in my head but we'll see, Harry Potter is the Heir to the House of Black, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are brothers, Parselmouths & Parseltongue (Harry Potter), Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE, Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (Video Game), [Podfic] More Powerful Than Experience by flightinflame, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin Raises Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape is Draco Malfoy's Godparent. "Blindness" is the best harry potter fanfiction I've ever read, and one of the . Hadrian produced the object, just completed the previous night. He was asleep in seconds. somehow, as always this is unedited and unbeta'd we die like dobby, Demons & Deathwalkers: The Dark Lord is a Hufflepuff, Smut doesn't happen until the characters are of age, Harry Potter is Lord of Multiple Noble Houses. I never felt like obliging him.//. Its worse, Hadrian replied. Arwr, quit teasing the poor boy. Five weeks later, he remembers. You are his hero, after all. //Tell your Lord that it will only respond to Parseltongue. Playing With Fire - h. potter by *: Ryanne*:. And why cant I make it work? Black chuckled. Draco was reminded again of the lingering presence Hadrian had in his mind and how it made him feel warm and comforted. Albus may scoff, but the Dark Lord could in fact love. My apologies. At his full power, he looked like a glowing green skeleton made of tiny runic spells. Thanks! Inform me when you have completed the wand, I wish to see you test it.//, //Thank you, my Lord, I will let you know. I, Bellatrix Black Lestrange, accept Gallus Hadrian Black, the Bone Man, as the son of my blood. She cut across her hand and bled into the bowl. This husband-and-wife would torture S country's people to death. Although, he thought. He could feel my core and my soul, but there were blocks on my magic and my memories. I will tell her you wish to speak with her. After her friends abndoned her in the summer after 4th year Hayley starts to question her life and decides to give up A smile twisted onto his lips. He said that twins had a special form soul, one that wanted to be joined and mixed, that allowed it. Innocents were killed and there was wanton destruction instead of the rebuilding of the world Voldemort had hoped for. Is something wrong?, //Nothing is wrong, Severus, he is only exhausted. What is that supposed to mean? He studied Dracos sleeping form, frowning. Make Lucius swear the oath,// he said casually, hopping down from the desk and tossing off his robe. //No, the spells are woven into his personal sign. Tom es Voldemort y Voldemort es Tom, son dos universos que colisionan en un slo cuerpo inestable, el caos hecho materia; uno que vaga entre los magos temblorosos que le juran lealtad, vanaglorindose y creyendo estar completo hasta qu un par de esmeraldas, le demuestran lo incompleto que est. In hindsight, Harry could admit that touching random things in Grimmauld Place hadn't been a good idea. Their minds relaxed into his presence, like a child would snuggle into a soft bed. Killing this Bone Man will be our priority. He replied, "Because I do not have my heart with me, I have already given her my heart" everyone was getting jealous. Understand?. Armed with the Infinity gauntlet and its gems, he sets out across the Marvel universe, kicking names and taking ass.
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